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LINKFAST is a subsidiary of CHINFAST group, established in 2013. It is a manufacturing enterprise, mainly producing hexagon nuts, nylon nuts, hexagon wood screws, wood construction screws and flat washers. The company is located in the fastener base, Haiyan. At present, LINKFAST export around 2000tons per month to all over the world, and has won the trust and praise of customers. LINKFAST is committed to establishing a long-term win-win cooperation model with its customers. Believes in there is no best, only better, LINKFAST aims to provide reasonable price, stable quality and punctual delivery, LINKFAST will be your most trustworthy company in China.

LINKFAST established Haiyan Yaoqing fastener co., ltd in June 2013, mainly producing hexagon nuts DIN934, with capacity of 500tons/month.

LINKFAST invested Jiaxing Tianqi fastener co., ltd in August 2015, accounting for 40% of shares, mainly producing hexagon wood screws, coach screw DIN571-4.8 and Hex Lag Screws, with capacity of 600tons/month.

LINKFAST invested Haiyan Peihong auto parts co., ltd in March 2016, accounting for 51% of shares, mainly producing nylon nuts, with capacity of 300tons/month.

LINKFAST established Xiaohai Metal products co., ltd in May 2016, mainly producing and purchasing flat washers, with capacity of 400tons/month.

LINKFAST continued to invest 4 million RMB in Jiaxing Tianqi fasteners co., ltd in June 2018, in producing wood construction screws, with capacity of 200tons/month.

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